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Hope Headset Solutions
  • Hope headset solutions: separate top and bottom headset cup assemblies for tapered, reducer and conversion applications
  • IS (36x45 degree Cane Creek Integrated), ZS (Zero Stack), or EC (traditional, External Cup) available for reduced 1-1/8" and tapered 1.25>1-1/8", 1.5>1-1/8" steerers
item # S.H.I.S. upper/lower stack color weight in stock?
DetailsHT-8100 EC34/28.6 upper 21mm black 51g YES
DetailsHT-8102 ZS44/28.6 upper 7mm black 66g YES
DetailsHT-8103 ZS44/28.6 upper 7mm orange 66g YES
DetailsHT-8105 ZS44/28.6 upper 7mm purple 66g YES
DetailsHT-8106 ZS49/28.6 upper 7mm black 64g YES
DetailsHT-8112 EC34/30 lower 9mm black 45g YES
DetailsHT-8122 EC49/40 lower 20mm black 67g YES
DetailsHT-8124 EC44/40 lower 20mm black 67g YES
DetailsHT-8126 EC44/40 lower 20mm orange 67g YES
DetailsHT-8127 EC44/40 lower 20mm purple 67g YES
DetailsHT-8116 IS41/30 lower 5mm black 30g NO
DetailsHT-8114 ZS44/30 lower 6mm black 40g YES
DetailsHT-8118 ZS49/30 lower 20mm black 62g NO
DetailsHT-8120 ZS56/40 lower 7mm black 59g YES