Dear BTI Dealer Family,

BTI has temporarily suspended its operations in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Suspending operations was a difficult decision. We could stay open for our employees and to serve our customers, or do the right thing for the health of our people, our dealers, and the country. If being closed means preventing even one transmission that saves countless lives down the line, then so be it.

We will ship all orders placed between now and cutoff at the end of the day on Friday, March 27th. After that, please visit our website for updates. BTI intends to resume regular business on Monday, April 13th, though this could change.

We salute those shops who need to stay open and those that have made the hard choice to close. This is an unprecedented situation calling for every business to do what is right for them. You can do it. Thanks for your support.

- Preston

We will update with more details here, or contact BTI President Preston Martin at