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Shoes & Insoles
SQlab Insoles
  • Cycling specific insoles designed to add power, smooth pedal strokes, and reduce foot tingling and numbness
  • Insoles put the foot in the correct position for cycling, adding power to each pedal stroke
  • Reduces excessive movement of the foot in cycling shoes for smoother, more efficient pedal strokes
  • Helps reduce tingling and numbness by relieving nerve and vascular constrictions
  • Three models to ensure correct, individualized fitment: high (216), medium (215), and low (214) arch
item # model size color in stock?
  7Q-3870 215 medium arch 39-41 gold NO
  7Q-3871 215 medium arch 41.5-43.5 gold YES
  7Q-3872 215 medium arch 44-46 gold YES
  7Q-3873 215 medium arch 46.5-48.5 gold YES
  7Q-3876 216 high arch 41.5-43.5 blue NO
  7Q-3877 216 high arch 44-46 blue NO
  7Q-3878 216 high arch 46.5-48.5 blue YES