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OneUp Components EDC Top Cap Kit
  • The original is still the lightest and least expensive
  • Special headset preloader top cap for EDC tool
  • EDC Top Cap Kit includes top cap, spacers (2x1mm, 3mm & 5mm) and steerer plug with drain hole
  • EDC steerer plug is required for EDC tool storage and is compatible with most aluminum tapered steerer
  • Requires threads to be cut into 1-1/8" threadless alloy steerer using EDC tap
  • Cassette-type lockring adjusts headset preload, uses common cassette lockring tool
item # description color in stock?
  OU9507 EDC top cap black YES
  OU9508 EDC top cap green YES
  OU9510 EDC top cap blue YES
  OU9511 EDC top cap red YES
  OU9512 EDC top cap purple YES
  OU9513 EDC top cap orange YES
  OU9514 EDC top cap gold YES
  OU9515 EDC top cap silver YES
  OU9516 EDC top cap oil slick YES
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