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Derailleur Parts
Bike Yoke Shifty    
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Rear Shock Springs & Parts
Dropper Seatposts
Bike Yoke Revive Dropper Post
  • Self-serviceable dropper post with reset button at the head
  • Non-IFP design provides better reliability and extremely smooth action
  • Triggy remote is a shifter shaped activation lever which cannot fit with a shifter
  • Use YB-2105 for optional 2-by remote, a more traditional dropper lever which can fit over a shifter
  • All Revive posts feature internal and front feed cable routing
item # model travel/drop diameter length lever color in stock?
DetailsYB-2000 Revive 125mm 30.9mm 397mm Triggy black YES
DetailsYB-2002 Revive 160mm 30.9mm 467mm Triggy black YES
DetailsYB-2008 Revive 185mm 30.9mm 484mm Triggy black YES
DetailsYB-2004 Revive 125mm 31.6mm 397mm Triggy black YES
DetailsYB-2006 Revive 160mm 31.6mm 467mm Triggy black YES
DetailsYB-2010 Revive 185mm 31.6mm 484mm Triggy black YES
DetailsYB-2012 Revive MAX 125mm 34.9mm 397mm Triggy black YES
DetailsYB-2014 Revive MAX 160mm 34.9mm 467mm Triggy black NO
DetailsYB-2016 Revive MAX 185mm 34.9mm 484mm Triggy black YES
Seatpost Parts & Shims
Bike Yoke DeHy Kit    
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Bike Yoke Triggy Adapters    
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