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Wheel Skewers & Frame Axles
Wolf Tooth Replacement Rear Axles
Margin Booster
  • Replacement rear axles that are lightweight, easy to use and look great
  • Button sliders are anodized caps for the non-drive side that stick out to prevent frame damage when laying the bike over. Available in several anodized colors
  • Trainer buttons attach to both ends of axle to allow fitment in trainers built around traditional QR end caps
  • Uses a captive steel washer under the head to reduce friction on the frame, transferring more of the tightening torque to clamping load for a stiffer interface as well as preventing sticking or galling when removed
  • Use a 6mm hex key for install and removal
  • See for full size measurement documents
item # description size color in stock?
  WQ-8450 axle 1.5x172 black NO
  WQ-8451 axle 1.5x178 black YES
  WQ-8453 axle 1.75x174 black NO
  WQ-8454 axle 1.75x180 black NO
  WQ-8455 axle 1.75x192 black NO
  WQ-8456 axle 1.0x167 black YES
  WQ-8457 axle 1.0x173 black YES
  WQ-8460 button slider 12mm black YES
  WQ-8461 button slider 12mm red YES
  WQ-8462 button slider 12mm blue NO
  WQ-8463 button slider 12mm green YES
  WQ-8466 button slider 12mm gold NO
  WQ-8467 button slider 12mm silver YES
  WQ-8469 trainer buttons (pair) 12mm silver YES
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