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Tire Sealant
Tubeless Accessories
Orange Seal VersaValve Stem Parts
  • Parts to refill dealer kits or to be used as needed
  • Universal fit, one valve for all types of rims
  • VersaValve alloy Presta valve stems have large sturdy bases that ensures solid contact with the rim bed
  • Valves include two different types of grommets, conical and square for ideal, airtight fitment
item # description length package in stock?
DetailsOS-2121 conical grommets fits all lengths 10/bag YES
DetailsOS-2122 square grommets fits all lengths 10/bag YES
DetailsOS-2123 blank stems 32mm 10/bag YES
DetailsOS-2124 blank stems 48mm 10/bag YES
DetailsOS-2125 blank stems 60mm 4/bag YES
DetailsOS-2126 blank stems 80mm 4/bag YES
DetailsOS-2127 valve cores fits all lengths 10/bag YES
DetailsOS-2128 RVC tools fits all lengths 4/bag YES
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