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Berd PolyLight Spoke
  • Build lighter wheels than with carbon rims, at a lower total build cost!
  • PolyLight polymer technology for the world’s lightest spoke, saves 100 to 200 grams per wheelset
  • Compatible with all standard hub and rim connections
  • Trued and maintained in the same way as steel spokes, yet is stronger and more fatigue resistant than most spokes on the market
  • Significantly improves the damping of road/trail vibrations, for a smoother ride
  • 1.8mm cross-section for improved aerodynamics
  • Custom coating applied to increase abrasion resistance
  • 14 gauge (2.0mm) stainless threaded connection at rim (has flat section that is held with a special tool to prevent twisting)
  • Integral eyelet for connection to J-bend or straight-pull hubs
  • Weight: (64 pcs x 260mm) 156g
  • Sold per each. Double square locking nipples recommended (not included) use part # DT-647* or PM-78470
  • Free companion kit incudes eyelet rods, eyelet hook, hub deburring tool
  • Since Berd lengths don't follow standard spoke lengths, use Berd spoke length calculator
  • Black spokes are by special order, allow 48hrs for BTI to ship
item # size color in stock?
  BO-1078   soon   278mm black NO
  BO-1080   soon   280mm black NO
  BO-1082   soon   282mm black NO
  BO-1084   soon   284mm black NO
  BO-1086   soon   286mm black NO
  BO-1088   soon   288mm black NO
  BO-1090   soon   290mm black NO
  BO-1092   soon   292mm black NO
  BO-1094   soon   294mm black NO
  BO-1095   soon   295mm black NO
  BO-1096   soon   296mm black NO
  BO-1097   soon   297mm black NO
  BO-1098   soon   298mm black NO
  BO-1100   soon   300mm black NO
  BO-1102   soon   302mm black NO
  BO-1104   soon   304mm black NO
  BO-1106   soon   306mm black NO
  BO-1108   soon   308mm black NO
  BO-1278 278mm white YES
  BO-1280 280mm white YES
  BO-1282 282mm white YES
  BO-1284 284mm white YES
  BO-1286 286mm white YES
  BO-1288 288mm white YES
  BO-1290 290mm white YES
  BO-1292 292mm white YES
  BO-1294 294mm white YES
  BO-1295 295mm white YES
  BO-1296 296mm white YES
  BO-1297 297mm white YES
  BO-1298 298mm white NO
  BO-1300 300mm white NO
  BO-1302 302mm white YES
  BO-1304 304mm white YES
  BO-1306 306mm white YES
  BO-1308 308mm white YES
Berd Builder's Tool Kit    
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Berd Spoke Holding Tool    
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Berd Thin Nipple Wrench    
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