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SQlab 611 Ergowave Saddle    
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SQlab 612 Ergowave Active Saddle
  • Ergowave shape offers higher performance thanks to optimal pressure distribution throughout the deep structures of the body
  • The Active design offers dampened lateral tilt which allows the saddle to follow the biomechanical movement of the pelvis on each pedal stroke (3 interchangeable firmness inserts included)
  • High-end, aggressive saddle designed for racing
  • Incorporates SQlab's unique design where the nose drops down away from the rear of the saddle, allowing for 55% of the rider's weight to be transferred to the ischial or "sit bones"
  • K18 synthetic top with marathon foam padding
  • *All SQlab saddles come in multiple sit bone widths (130,140, and 150mm) dependent on seat position and riding posture
item # rails top color LxW (mm) weight in stock?
DetailsQL-1091 carbon synthetic black 275x130* 228g YES
DetailsQL-1092 carbon synthetic black 275x140* 232g YES
DetailsQL-1093 carbon synthetic black 275x150* 236g YES
DetailsQL-1100 S-tube synthetic black 275x130* 259g NO
DetailsQL-1102 S-tube synthetic black 275x140* 264g YES
DetailsQL-1104 S-tube synthetic black 275x150* 270g YES
SQlab 612 Ergowave Saddle    
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SQlab 612 Race Saddle    
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SQlab 611 Active MTB Saddle    
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SQlab 611 Race Saddle    
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SQlab 610 Active Saddle    
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SQlab 610 Saddle    
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