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Abbey Tools Fork, Shock, & Dropper Tools
Abbey Tools RockShox Specific Tools
  • The RockShox series of tools is a collaboration to support the specialized skillset of suspension service with high quality precision tools
  • The box end wrenches for Charger 2 (Part AT-1002) and Reverb (AT-1000) are a set of tools specifically for those components and their non-standard tool interfaces. The Charger wrenches are designed for the coupler and lower seal heads, giving a precision fit to avoid damage during service. The Reverb wrench is built for the 4-sided upper bushing and lower seal head. They all feature a 3/8" square drive in the center for using a torque wrench during reassembly
  • The Top Cap/Cassette Socket (Part AT-1019) is for removing top caps on 2018 SID, Revelation, Reba, Paragon, Pike, and Lyrik forks. As an added bonus, this tool is handy for installing and removing drivetrain cassettes.
  • The DU bushing tool (Part AT-1040) is a great compact way to install or remove the bushings in your RockShox rear shock
  • Made in the USA; Bend, Oregon
item # description compatibility in stock?
  AT1000 Reverb service wrench 30.9 and 31.6 collets and inner seal heads YES
  AT1002 Charger 2 damper service wrench Charger 2 RL and RLC inner seal heads YES
  AT1019 RockShox top cap/cassette socket 2018 RockShox forks and cassettes YES
  AT1040 DU Bushing tool ½” x ½” rear shock bushings YES
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