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TRP Bleed Kit
  • Choose basic bleed kit or advanced bleed kit (see items for contents)
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  TJ2000 basic bleed kit, TRP & Tektro brakes NO
Includes syringe, plastic tubing for syringe/caliper, plastic tubing for lever/overflow, M5 bleed fitting for Slate, M6 bleed fitting for all other TRP and Tektro brakes, M7 fitting for TRP and Tektro brakes with bleed valve (when valve is removed)
  TJ2002 advanced bleed kit for 5.0 & 5.5mm hose YES
includes hose cutter, 2 premium syringes with thread on hoses, bleed port adapters, bleed blocks for 2 & 4 piston calipers, an assortment of compression nuts, olives & barbs for both 5.5mm and 5.0mm hose