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Crank Brothers Synthesis E11 29" Wheelset
Margin Booster
  • Front and rear specific wheels are optimized to address the specific performance requirements and loads of mountain biking
  • Compliant-tuned front wheel improves handling and maximizes grip. Wider rim width supports a wider tire profile up front for more air volume and larger contact patch (31.5mm inner width/37.5mm outer width/18mm height)
  • Stiff-tuned rear wheel supports peak loads and enhances stability at speed. Narrower rim width supports a narrower rear tire for lower rolling resistance and good grip from edge knobs (29.5mm inner width/36.5mm outer width/18mm height)
  • Industry 9 Hydra 6-bolt disc rear hub has 6-pawl, 115-tooth drive ring with .52 degree between engagement points
  • i9 Hydra FH bodies for Shimano are available: HG = XN-6622 & HG+ Micro Spline = XN-6626
  • Lifetime warranty on the rim (only)
item # size front/rear rim hub axle/spacing (mm) hole spoke nipple color weight in stock?
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29" front/rear (XD) Synthesis E11 i9 Hydra 15x110/12x148 Boost 28/32h Sapim CX-Ray (front)/Sapim CS-Sprint (rear) Sapim carbon/black 1825g NO