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Burgtec The Cloud MK2 Saddle
Margin Booster
  • Offers a large firm area for your sit bones (ischial tuberosity) to reside. This spreads body weight pressure more widely and is major component of this saddle's comfort
  • Relief groove takes pressure off the Pudendal artery, promoting blood flow and preventing that numb feeling due to nerve pressure
  • Narrow width allows you to move your bike around between your thighs easily when things get wild. Combined with the dipped nose it minimizes the chances of your shorts getting hooked up in sticky situations
  • CrMo: 270g
item # rails top color LxW (mm) weight in stock?
  BG0500 CrMo synthetic black 280x135 270g NO
  BG0502 titanium synthetic (with carbon base) black 280x135 235g NO
Rigid Seatposts