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Headset Spacers
Wheel Skewers & Frame Axles
Platform Pedals
Burgtec Penthouse MK5 Pedals
Margin Booster
  • 379g per pair - 65g lighter than the previous version
  • Larger with a deeper concave than the previous version
  • New pins and additional grip built in to pedals for ultimate foot hugging
  • CNC machined aluminum platform
  • Double-bushing single bearing internals
  • Designed in the UK
item # spindle size color weight in stock?
  BG1001 CrMo 9/16" black 379g YES
  BG1002 CrMo 9/16" red 379g NO
  BG1003 CrMo 9/16" Deep blue 379g NO
  BG1004 CrMo 9/16" Purple Rain 379g NO
  BG1005 CrMo 9/16" Kash Bronze 379g NO
  BG1006 CrMo 9/16" Iron Bro Orange 379g NO
  BG1007 CrMo 9/16" Rhodium Silver 379g YES
  BG1008 CrMo 9/16" Bullion Gold 379g NO
  BG1009 CrMo 9/16" Toxic Pink 379g NO