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KS Dropper Bushings and Roller Bearings
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  • Replacement bushings and roller bearings for KS posts
item # model description in stock?
  KD4194 LEVi C12/A12 DU bushing carrier YES
  KD3911 LEV, LEVi, LEVDX, LEVC, LEVCi DU bushing carrier YES
compatible with i900, i950, LEV (not 27.2), ETEN, ETENi, E30i, CRUXi, Dropzone, Supernatural, LEV, LEVi, LEVDX, LEVC, LEVCi
  KD4000 LEV272, LEVi272, ETEN272, ETENi272 DU bushing carrier YES
fits LEV272, LEVi272, LEV Ci 272, ETEN272, ETENi272, 2017 E30i 272
  KD4300 LEVi C12/A12 DU bushing YES
  KD4302 LEVi C12/A12 34.9mm DU bushing YES
  KD4196 LEV Si, E20i, ETEN, ETENi DU bushing YES
  KD4195 RAGEi DU bushing YES
  KD3915 ETEN DU bushing NO
  KD3912 KS posts brass lower guide bushing- 34mm length YES
sold each
  KD4198 KS posts brass lower guide bushing - 19.5mm length YES
sold each
  KD4016 LEV, LEVDX, LEVi, ETEN roller bearing YES
LEV, LEVi, LEV DX, LEV C, LEV Ci, old ETEN, old E30i, CRUXi, old Supernatural
  KD4017 LEV272 roller bearing YES
LEV 272, LEVi 272, 2018-19 LEV Ci 272, 2017 E30i 272, old ETEN, CRUXi