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KS Dropper Wiper Seal/O-ring/Washer
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  • Seals, o-rings and washers for KS posts
item # model description in stock?
  KD4192 LEVi C12/A12 wiper seal YES
  KD4193   new   LEVi C12/A12 34.9mm wiper seal YES
  KD3910 LEV Ci, LEVi, LEV, i900/950 wiper seal YES
  KD3913 LEV Ci 272, LEVi 272, LEV 272 wiper seal NO
  KD4320 LEV Si wiper seal YES
  KD4322 LEV Si 34.9mm wiper seal YES
  KD4188 RAGEi wiper seal YES
  KD4189 ETENi, ETEN, ETEN Remote wiper seal YES
  KD3914 E20, old ETEN/ETENi wiper seal YES
  KD4002 ETEN272, ETENi, 2017 E30i272/E30iS272 wiper seal YES
  KD3918 i900, i950, ETEN o-ring YES
fits ETEN, ETEN272, Supernatural, Dropzone
  KD4040 LEV, LEVDX, LEVC, LEV272 o-ring, 19x1 YES
  KD4041 LEV, LEVDX, LEVC o-ring, 24x1.5 YES
  KD4042 LEV, LEVDX o-ring, 31x1.5 YES
  KD4043 LEV272 o-ring, 22x1.5 YES
  KD4053 i900, i950, i7 spring washer YES
also compatible with 2018 LEV C AND 2018-19 LEV Ci 65mm
  KD3946 LEV, LEV-DX, LEV27.2, ETEN piston spring NO
  KD4054 ETEN bottom out bumper YES
Compatible with 2018-19 LEV Ci 272, 2019 LEV Si 272, 2019 LEVi 272, ETEN, ETEN 272
  KD4055 i900, i950, LEVDX LEVi bottom out bumper YES
Compatible with LEV Si, LEV, LEVi, LEV DX, LEV C, LEV Ci, 2019 LEV Si 34.9