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KS Supernatural/Dropzone Seat Clamp Parts
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  • Seatpost heads, upper and lower rail clamps, bolts and washers for Supernatural, Dropzone and ETEN-series posts
item # model description in stock?
  KD3931 i950 (Supernatural) upper seat clamp YES
  KD3934 i950 (Supernatural) lower seat clamp YES
  KD3930 i900 (Dropzone) upper seat clamp YES
  KD3933 i900 (Dropzone) lower seat clamp YES
  KD3937 i900 (Dropzone remote) clamp head YES
  KD4024 i950 seat clamp bolt NO
  KD4023 i900 seat clamp bolt YES
  KD4022 i950 seat clamp bolt washer YES
  KD4032 i950 seat clamp spring YES