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Taos Bakes Cosmo Nuts
  • An alternative snack from another dimension
  • Classy concoction with crunch and zing and the perfect companion to your craft cocktail or beside the campfire having a sci fi movie night after a day of ripping it
  • Infused with only top of the line ingredients to create a supernatural flavor combo of exotic nuts, fruits and spices.
  • Made in Taos, New Mexico
item # flavor package squirrel approved in stock?
  TX4050 apple spiced walnuts 4oz resealable bag yes YES
  TX4051 citrus glazed pecans 4oz resealable bag yes YES
  TX4052 cilantro lime pistachios 4oz resealable bag yes YES
  TX4053 sweet chile cashews 4oz resealable bag yes YES
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