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Floyd's of Leadville CBD
Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Hydration Fuel Mix
Margin Booster
  • Each serving of Floyd’s of Leadville Hydration Fuel offers 5mg of CBD, 30 grams of complex, non-GMO carbohdyrates, and 3 grams of BCAA to help replace the water lost when you sweat, keep you in the game, and allow you to push your personal best
  • CBD is a non-psychoactive, organic compound found in cannabis plants with amazing benefits that can be enjoyed without the side effects and highs that come from the psychoactive substances extracted from cannabis plants
  • Potential benefits include: pain relief, decreases chronic inflammation and relieves joint and neuropathic pain, helps regulate blood sugar, helps reduce clogged blood vessels in the heart and brain, reduces irregular heart rhythms, helps with digestion and irritable and inflammatory bowel syndromes, improves sleep, helps bone growth (animal studies have shown broken bones healed faster in the group taking CBD than in the control group), helps in treating auto-immune disorders, has anti-tumor properties that can be effective in killing cancer cells, helps with PTSD, OCD and panic disorders
  • Each bag includes 10 servings each with 5mg CBD per serving
item # description container quantity strength in stock?
  FY0090 fruit punch hydration fuel mix bulk bag - 454g 10 servings 5mg per serving YES
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