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Clif Gels, Shots & Pouches
Clif Shot Energy Gel
  • 90% organic ingredients
  • A fast-acting and easy-to-digest, semi-liquid source of carbohydrates (70% complex / 30% simple) and electrolytes
  • Differing levels of caffeine per serving from green tea extract on specific flavors: Strawberry (25mg), Citrus (25mg), Mocha (50mg), Chocolate Cherry Turbo (100mg) and Double Expresso Turbo (100mg)
  • Primary ingredient is organic brown rice syrup which provides easily assimilated carbohydrates for working muscles
  • Individually packaged 1.1oz (32g) easy-open foil packets (with patented litter leash to promote proper disposal) in a POP display box
item # description package in stock?
  FZ6101 mocha (+caffeine) 24/box YES
  FZ6102 razz 24/box YES
  FZ6103 vanilla 24/box YES
  FZ6104 strawberry (+caffeine) 24/box NO
  FZ6105 citrus (+caffeine) 24/box NO
  FZ6106 chocolate 24/box YES
  FZ6108 chocolate cherry turbo (+caffeine) 24/box YES
  FZ6109 double expresso turbo (+caffeine) 24/box YES
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Clif Bars & Waffles
Clif Original Bars
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Crafted Energy Bars & Waffles
Double Dutch Bars & Waffles
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