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MRP Hazzard Rear Shock
Margin Booster
  • All the benefits of coil-sprung suspension (supple action, lower friction, longer service life, and more consistency) and control over both high and low-speed compression damping, rebound, and spring preload
  • Featuring a convenient low-speed compression switch that firms up the shock immensely for sustained climbs and stage transfers - where saving energy is paramount
  • Available in standard and metric sizing (with traditional eyelet, bearing, and trunnion mounts). The shock can use standard steel springs, new Enduro SL, or Progressive springs (requires appropriate spring spacers)
  • Every MRP fork is built in the MRP factory and dyno verified to ensure the highest level of quality and ensure long term reliability
item # fitment stroke eye-eye in stock?
  MP-8500 legacy 51mm 200mm YES
  MP-8502 legacy 57mm 200mm YES
  MP-8504 metric 50mm 210mm NO
  MP-8506 metric 55mm 210mm YES
  MP-8510 metric 57.5mm 230mm NO
  MP-8512 metric 60mm 230mm YES
  MP-8516 metric (standard front/bearing rear) 60mm 230mm YES
  MP-8514 metric 65mm 230mm YES
  MP-8517 metric trunnion 55mm 185mm YES
  MP-8518 metric trunnion 57.5mm 205mm YES
  MP-8520 metric trunnion 60mm 205mm YES
  MP-8522 metric trunnion 65mm 205mm YES