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Derailleur Parts
Bike Yoke Shifty    
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Rear Shock Springs & Parts
Bike Yoke Specialized Camber Replacement Yokes    
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Dropper Seatposts
Seatpost Parts & Shims
Bike Yoke DeHy Kit    
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Bike Yoke Triggy Dropper Remote
  • 1x remote intended for left side, mimics shifter paddle positioning
  • Uses standard shifter cable and housing. Cable is included. Housing not included
  • Works with any post which requires 12.5mm or less cable pull
  • Features black anodized and laser engraved full aluminum body and lever, 2 mounting holes for thumb length adjustment, and integrated barrel adjuster
  • Choose front cable feed for dropper posts that clamp the cable at the post and hold cable head at the shifter (Kindshock LEV, Race Face Turbine, Easton Haven, X-Fusion Hilo, Canyon Shapeshifter)
  • Choose rear cable feed for dropper posts that feed the cable from the seatpost to the remote and the cable is clamped at the remote (Fox Transfer, Giant Switch SL, Thomson Covert, Gravity Dropper)
  • Must be paired with YB-110* for bar clamp or brake perch attachment
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DetailsYB-2100 Triggy front feed YES
Bike Yoke Triggy Adapters    
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Bike Yoke 2-by Dropper Remote    
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