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Cable & Casing Accessories
Wheels Ferrules and End Crimps
Margin Booster
  • Aluminum and brass ferrules to finish cable housing
  • Cable end crimps for derailleur and brake cables
item # item size color package in stock?
  WZ-8701 cable crimps 1.2mm silver 250/bottle NO
  WZ-8711 cable crimps 1.6mm silver 250/bottle NO
  WZ-8740 brass ferrules 4mm brass 50/bottle NO
  WZ-8741 aluminum ferrules 4mm silver 100/bottle NO
  WZ-8743 aluminum ferrules 4mm silver 500/bottle NO
  WZ-8751 aluminum ferrules 5mm silver 100/bottle NO
Wheels Zip Ties
Margin Booster
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