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WTB Exposure 700c Tire    
3 choices
WTB ByWay TCS 700c Tire    
6 choices
WTB Venture 700c Road Tire    
4 choices
WTB Riddler 700c tire    
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WTB Raddler 700c tire    
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WTB Cross Boss 700c Tire    
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WTB Nano 700c Tire    
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WTB Resolute TCS 700c tire
  • Widely spaced square knobs deliver consistent traction while shedding muck with ease
  • Retro-esque tanwalls provide modern performance in a classic look
  • Performs well in all conditions, no need to swap tires based on the weather
item # model width bead color weight in stock?
  WT-1355 700c TCS Light Fast Rolling 42mm folding black/tanwall 440g YES
WTB All Terrain 700c Tire    
1 choice
WTB Thickslick 700c Tire    
1 choice