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Wolf Tooth Headsets
Margin Booster
  • Custom in-house designed seals
  • Enduro stainless bearings
  • Uppers include a 5mm integrated spacer stemcap with an alloy bolt
  • Made in MN, USA
item # size upper/lower stack color in stock?
  WQ-3000 EC34/28.6 upper 16mm black YES
  WQ-3010 EC34/28.6 upper 25mm black YES
  WQ-3020 EC34/28.6 upper 35mm black YES
  WQ-3050 EC34/30 lower 10mm black YES
  WQ-3060 EC44/40 lower 10mm black YES
  WQ-3100 ZS44/28.6 upper 6mm black YES
  WQ-3110 ZS44/28.6 upper 15mm black YES
  WQ-3150 ZS56/40 lower 1mm black YES
  WQ-3170 IS41/28.6 upper 7mm black YES
  WQ-3180 IS41/28.6 upper 15mm black YES
  WQ-3200 IS52/40 lower 1mm black YES
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