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Lindarets x Wolf Tooth Tanpan
Margin Booster
  • Shimano derailleur adapter conceived by Lindarets, made by Wolf Tooth Components
  • Amplifies road shifter cable pull to allow for seamless communication with mountain derailleurs
  • With the addition of a clutched Shadow+ rear derailleur, the Tanpan provides unparalleled chain security for Shimano road drivetrains
  • Ideal for riders looking to convert their road, gravel, cyclocross, or commuter bike to the simplicity and light weight of a single chainring - or for those whose riding demands lower gearing than a typical double can provide
  • Tucks neatly above the rear derailleur and an indexed barrel provides for quick and easy cable adjustment
  • CNC machined in the USA by Wolf Tooth Components
  • Includes precision stainless steel hardware and a sealed cartridge bearing
  • 17g
item # description in stock?
  WQ-4000 Tanpan for Shimano 10sp YES
  WQ-4001 Tanpan for Shimano 11sp NO