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Woodman Headset Top/Bottom Separates
  • Reduce inventory overlap by ordering separate top and bottom bearing-cup assemblies using S.H.I.S. (Standardized Headset Identification System)
  • CNC machined aluminum cups (where applicable) with sealed cartridge bearings
  • Top assemblies include star nut and top cap, bottom assemblies include crown race
  • Integrated System (IS41 for 36x45 degree Cane Creek / IS42 for 45x45 degree Campy); ZS (Zero Stack semi-integrated), or EC (traditional, External Cup)
  • Available for 1-1/8", 1.5", and tapered 1-1/4>1-1/8" / 1.5>1-1/8" steerers
  • Bottoms referencing 30.0+40.0 include two crown races, one for each size steerer
item # S.H.I.S. upper/lower stack color weight in stock?
DetailsWN-3210 ZS44/28.6 upper 9mm black 57g YES
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