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Sunrace 6-12sp Chains
  • High quality replacement chain, compatible with both SRAM and Shimano
  • Solid shifting performance for both Road and Mountain applications
  • Includes guide pin for connecting
item # model speed size width links color in stock?
DetailsUQ-5031 CN12S 12sp 11/128" 5.3mm 116 silver NO
DetailsUQ-5033 CN11A 11sp 11/128" 5.5mm 116 silver YES
DetailsUQ-5040 CN10S 10sp 11/128" 5.9mm 116 silver YES
DetailsUQ-5150 CNM94 9sp 11/128" 6.5mm 116 silver YES
DetailsUQ-5260 CNM84 8sp 3/32" 7.1mm 116 silver YES
DetailsUQ-5370 CNM54 6-7sp 3/32" 7.3mm 116 grey YES