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Road & Track Chainrings
Pake Track Chainring
  • Aluminum Fixie/Singlespeed ring with 1/2" x 1/8" teeth
  • Choose from a variety of colors and sizes
item # chain size armxBCD teeth color in stock?
DetailsPY-1601 1/8" 5x130mm 44t black YES
DetailsPY-1602 1/8" 5x130mm 44t silver YES
DetailsPY-1611 1/8" 5x130mm 46t black YES
DetailsPY-1612 1/8" 5x130mm 46t silver YES
DetailsPY-1613 1/8" 5x130mm 46t gold YES
DetailsPY-1614 1/8" 5x130mm 46t red YES
DetailsPY-1621 1/8" 5x130mm 48t black YES
DetailsPY-1623 1/8" 5x130mm 48t gold YES
DetailsPY-1624 1/8" 5x130mm 48t red YES
DetailsPY-1625 1/8" 5x130mm 48t blue YES
DetailsPY-1628 1/8" 5x130mm 48t green YES