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Paul Components Set n Forget Thru Axles
  • High-quality, reliable, simple, and effective thru-axle quick release
  • Indexable handle position, with 12 radial positions
  • Once you set the position the first time, the lever will always close in just the position you desire
  • Stainless steel with 7075 and 6061 aluminum
item # model color in stock?
  PC-3029 12mm axle Paragon, 12x119x1.5mm silver YES
  PC-3030 15x100mm (FoxShox), 15/14x145x1.5mm black YES
  PC-3032 15x100mm (RockShox), 15x148x1.5mm black YES
  PC-3031 15x110mm Boost (FoxShox), 15/14x155x1.5mm black YES
  PC-3033 15x110mm Boost (RockShox), 15x158x1.5mm black YES
  PC-3040 Paragon 142mm axle, 12x166x1.5mm silver YES
  PC-3041 Paragon Syntace 12x142mm axle, 12x170x1.0mm black YES
  PC-3043 Paragon Boost axle, 12x170x1.5mm black YES
  PC-3042 Paragon Syntace Boost axle, 12x176x1.0mm black YES