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Tire Sealant
Tubeless Accessories
Orange Seal Tubeless Rim Tape
  • Specifically designed tape to seal tightly to the rim with excellent elasticity to fit different types of internal rim beds
  • 12 yards will tape 6 rims, 60 yards will tape 25 to 28 rims
item # width roll size in stock?
DetailsOS-2054 18mm 12 yard YES
DetailsOS-2055 18mm 60 yard NO
DetailsOS-2056 24mm 12 yard YES
DetailsOS-2057 24mm 60 yard YES
DetailsOS-2058 45mm 12 yard YES
DetailsOS-2059 45mm 60 yard YES
DetailsOS-2060 75mm 12 yard NO
DetailsOS-2061 75mm 60 yard YES
Orange Seal Dipsticks    
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Orange Seal Tubeless Kit    
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