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SRAM Rise/Rail/Roam-Series Axle Conversion
  • For SRAM Rise-40/60, Roam-50/60 and Rail-50 mountain wheels
  • Rise-40 conversions require separate tool (use part #GS-4593), where Rise-60 conversions are a tool-free design
  • OS-Q/R (31mm diameter cap) conversion is only to be used with Rock Shox forks due to inside dropout compatibility
item # model wheel conversion description in stock?
  GS-4562 X0 Hubs,Roam30/40,RiseXX front 9x100mm QR (19mm cap) YES
  GS-4577 X0 Hubs,Roam30/40,RiseXX front Torque Cap 15x100/110mm YES
  GS-4536 Roam-60,Rail-50 front 9x100mm QR (19mm cap) YES
  GS-4537 Roam-60,Rail-50 front 15x100mm TA YES
  GS-4520 Rise-40 front 9x100mm QR (19mm cap) NO
  GS-4524 Rise-60 front 9x100mm OS-QR (31mm cap) NO
  GS-4566 X0 Hubs,Roam30/40,RiseXX rear 10x135mm QR (HG 8-10sp cassette body) YES
  GS-4567 X0 Hubs,Roam30/40,RiseXX rear (XD) 10x135mm QR YES
  GS-4568 X0 Hubs,Roam30/40,RiseXX rear 12x135mm TA (HG 8-10sp cassette body) YES
  GS-4527 Rise-60 rear 12x142mm TA NO
  GS-4541 Roam-60/50,Rail-50 rear 10x135mm QR YES
  GS-4542 Roam-60/50,Rail-50 rear 12x135mm TA YES
  GS-4544 Roam-60/50,Rail-50 rear (XD) 10x135 QR YES
  GS-4545 Roam-60/50,Rail-50 rear 10x135 TA (XD-11 driver body) YES