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Gels, Shots & Pouches
Clif Shot Energy Gel    
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Clif Shot Bloks Energy Chews
  • 95% organic ingredients
  • Easy to chew and digest formulation with an optimized balance of electrolytes and brown rice syrup carbohydrates for working muscles (six, 10g cubes for 200 calories per packet)
  • Black cherry flavor offer 50mg of caffeine per serving, while orange offers 25mg of caffeine per serving (all from green tea extract)
  • Margarita provides 3 times the sodium (210 mg) of other flavors
  • Individually packaged 2.1oz (60g) pouches (new, inline one-handed Fastpak) in a POP display box
item # description package in stock?
  FZ-7010 citrus 18/box YES
  FZ-7012 cran-razz 18/box YES
  FZ-7013 strawberry 18/box YES
  FZ-7014 black cherry 18/box YES
  FZ-7015 orange 18/box YES
  FZ-7017 margarita 18/box YES
  FZ-7018 mountain berry 18/box YES
  FZ-7019 tropical punch 18/box YES
  FZ-7021 salted watermelon 18/box YES
  FZ-7023 ginger ale 18/box YES
Bars & Waffles
Clif Nut Butter Filled Bars    
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Clif Original Bars    
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Clif Sweet And Salty Bars    
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Drink Mixes & Tablets