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27.5" (650b) Tires
E*thirteen TRS Race 27.5" (650b) Tire
  • A purpose-built enduro tire, engineered to maximize traction in extreme conditions at race speeds
  • Features: side knobs with accordion sipes for control at extreme lean angles, reinforced pinch flat zone, perpendicular sipes for breaking, reinforced center casing ribs, firmer center tread, ramped center knobs, parallel sipes on center knobs for stability, and angled sipes on side knobs for cornering traction
  • Designed at a true 2.35" width and optimized for modern inner rim widths of 24-31mm
  • TRS Race utilizes a sticky triple durometer with 40A side knobs, 42A center, and 72A base
  • Excellent for use in rocks and roots, loose to soft soils, wet to dry to slippery conditions
item # model width compound bead color weight in stock?
DetailsEV-6532 27.5" (650b) TRS Race 2.35" sticky triple folding black 900g YES
DetailsEV-6575 27.5" (650b) TRS Race SS 2.35" sticky triple folding black 900g YES
29"/ 36" Tires
E*thirteen TRS 29" Tire    
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E*thirteen LG1 29" Tire    
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