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Xtracycle Leap Kit    
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Xtracycle Leap Kit Accessories
  • Various accessories to make your Xtracycle Leap even more versatile. See individual descriptions below:
  • EC-0200 Hooptie Rails and EC-0230 Hooptie Brackets together form the Hooptie LT2 which ups your kiddo and cargo carrying game by creating a super handy handrail system. Both are sold separately in pairs. Can be used with EC-0210 to add foot supports for passengers or used alone for securing cargo
  • EC-0210 U-Tubes are foot rests for Leap passengers to be used in conjunction with parts EC-0200 and EC-0230
  • EC-0220 CargoBay is the solution for carrying medium sized objects. Think of an oversized standard pannier. Sold individually
  • EC-0240 Wheel Skirts create a nice barrier between moving spokes and little feet and can also help in keeping the bags on your Leap from extending into the back wheel. Sold as a pair
  • EC-0250 Magic Carpet LT2 is a perfect addition to the Hooptie system by providing padded seating. Will fit in front of Yepp Maxi child seat to provide seating for larger children
  • EC-0260 Slingset can be used to carry large cumbersome items that do not fit in the Cargo Bay. Creates a sling in which cargo can be placed. Slings can be buckled to the V-racks (V-rack buckles included) or can be buckled to the opposite side bag's straps over the top of the FlightDeck. If using with the Hi-Viz lid, the lid would go on the inside of the sling, not the outside. Must be used along with the CargoBay or WheelSkirts otherwise there will be no barrier protecting cargo from the rear wheel. Sold in pairs.
  • EC-0270 Yepp Maxi front and rear kids seat adapters are low-profile, metal adapters required for attaching the Yepp Maxi EasyFit Child Carrier to the front and far back end of the LT2 FlightDeck. Sold as a set
  • EC-0280 Mini Magic Carpet is a seat cushion which fits any FlightDeck, and most other cargo bikes as well. Will fit in front of Yepp Maxi childseat for carrying a bigger kid up front without the use of the Hooptie
  • EC-0290 Hi-Viz Lid velcros onto the CargoBay flap to protect cargo in the bay from the elements. Each lid lining is water resistant. Sold individually
  • EC-0300 LockPocket is perfect for keeping track of smaller, loose items, like your lock, phone, keys, and bike tools. The LockPocket features a roomy interior pocket with sewn in key clip, a smaller exterior zippered mesh pocket, and a 5.5" long U-lock holster. Sold individually
item # description in stock?
DetailsEC-0200 Hooptie rails YES
DetailsEC-0210 U-Tubes YES
DetailsEC-0220 CargoBay NO
DetailsEC-0230 Hooptie brackets NO
DetailsEC-0240 Wheelskirts YES
DetailsEC-0250 Magic Carpet LT2 NO
DetailsEC-0260 SlingSet YES
DetailsEC-0270 Yepp Maxi front and rear kid's seat adapter set NO
DetailsEC-0280 Mini Magic Carpet NO
DetailsEC-0290 HiViz Lid YES
DetailsEC-0300 LockPocket YES
Xtracycle Kit Accessories    
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