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CO2 Inflators/Cartridges
PDW Fatty Object Inflator
  • Alloy inflator head has an oversized "Tap Handle" control valve to regulate CO2 release. Easy to operate even with gloves on
  • Fits both Presta and Schrader valves, threading on for extra security
  • Includes one 38g cartridge and foam insulator sleeve
  • 38g cartridges capable of filling larger volume tires; 26x4.8 tire to 6-7psi or a 29x3.0 tire to 20-22psi
  • Sold individually or with CO2 cartridge
  • Additional CO2 cartridges sold separately. See part DW-5009
item # description orm-d in stock?
  DW-5000 Fatty Object inflator, head only no YES
  DW-5003    HAZMAT item: cannot
be shipped by air
Fatty Object inflator, cartridge/sleeve yes YES
PDW BARkeep Inflator    
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PDW Tiny Object Inflator    
1 choice
PDW Shiny Object Inflator    
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PDW CO2 Refill Cartridges    
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Hand Pumps
PDW Hand Pumps    
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