Bike Yoke Divine Seatpost Without Remote(185)30.9x484mm, Blk

BTI part #: YB-1824
vendor part #: DIV185309
EAN: 4713291521135
model: Divine
travel/drop: 185mm
diameter: 30.9mm
length: 484mm
lever: none
color: black

  • Auto-reset function: post resets automatically with every full drop
  • Travel adjust via 5mm "clip-in" spacers to reduce the maximum drop length (4 spacers = 20mm drop included)
  • Non-IFP design provides better reliability and extremely smooth action
  • Remote lever not included. Use YB-210* for Triggy models
  • Use YB-2105 for optional 2-by remote, a more traditional dropper lever which can fit over a shifter
  • All Revive posts feature internal and front feed cable routing
  • 3rd party web sales (eBay, Amazon, etc.) are strictly prohibited by the manufacturer
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