MRP Ramp Control upgrade Rock Shox Pike short travel

BTI part #: MP-9006
vendor part #: WB-17-2173
UPC: 702430172158
model: C: short travel Pike 15x100 (non-Boost) 2013-2016
description: external air spring bottom out adjuster

Compatible with Pike short travel (non-Boost) 2013-2016 with travel 120mm 27.5" and 120/130mm 29"


  • Gives the ability to adjust, on-the-fly, the air spring's ending-stroke curve. Part high-speed compression damping, part bottom-out control, Ramp Control is completely independent of your damper or air spring pressure settings
  • Functions similar to Rock Shox Tokens but is adjustable on the fly with no tools necessary. For Solo Air fork models only
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