EBC Brakes EBC Disc Pads, Avid X0 Trail, Sram Guide/G2 - Gold

BTI part #: EB2948
vendor part #: CFA633HH
UPC: 840655052258
fits: SRAM Guide/G2/Avid Trail
compound: gold

  • Gold (HH): super-high friction, high heat (longer lasting) sintered bronze metallic compound with diamond ground surface for wet/extreme conditions (due to high heat generation, HH-Gold compound is not for Hydraulic/DH race use unless OE specified)
  • Red (R): high friction, low heat (faster wearing) aramid based, semi-metallic soft compound for DH racing
  • Green: med-high friction (medium wearing) aramid based, organic compound for XC/all-purpose (no squeal)
  • AVID - X0 Trail, 7 Trail, 9 Trail, Guide R, RS, RSC, Ultimate / SRAM - Guide R, RS, RSC, Ultimate G2 R, RSC, Ultimate
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