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WTB TCS Tubeless Rim Tape
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  • Tubeless Compatible System rim tape provides an airtight seal between rim and tire
  • WTB recommends using tape that is 5mm wider than the inner rim width
  • An 11 meter roll will covers five wheels and a 55 meter roll covers 27 wheels
item # width length in stock?
  WT4801 24mm 11m (12yd) YES
  WT4813 24mm 55m (60.1yd) YES
  WT4803 26mm 11m (12yd) YES
  WT4815 26mm 55m (60.1yd) YES
  WT4805 28mm 11m (12yd) YES
  WT4817 28mm 55m (60.1yd) YES
  WT4806 30mm 11m (12yd) YES
  WT4818 30mm 55m (60.1yd) YES
  WT4807 32mm 11m (12yd) YES
  WT4819 32mm 55m (60.1yd) YES
  WT4812 35mm 11m (12yd) YES
  WT4820 35mm 55m (60.1yd) YES
  WT4809 40mm 11m (12yd) YES
  WT4811 45mm 11m (12yd) YES
  WT4810 50mm 11m (12yd) YES