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DT Swiss Tubeless Ready Rim Tape
Margin Booster
  • High quality adhesive keeps tape in place and provides a perfect seal for tubeless applications
item # width length in stock?
  DT1965 19mm 10m (10.9yd) YES
  DT1980 19mm 66m (72.2yd) YES
  DT1966 21mm 10m (10.9yd) YES
  DT1981 21mm 66m (72.2yd) NO
  DT1967 23mm 10m (10.9yd) YES
  DT1982 23mm 66m (72.2yd) NO
  DT1968 25mm 10m (10.9yd) YES
  DT1983 25mm 66m (72.2yd) YES
  DT1969 27mm 10m (10.9yd) YES
  DT1984 27mm 66m (72.2yd) YES
  DT1970 29mm 10m (10.9yd) YES
  DT1985 29mm 66m (72.2yd) YES
  DT1971 32mm 10m (10.9yd) YES
  DT1986 32mm 66m (72.2yd) YES
  DT1972 37mm 10m (10.9yd) NO