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Flat Attack Freedom Tube
  • The original tube for flat protection, non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • Protects against punctures up to 1/8"
  • Quality tubes pre-installed with the correct amount of sealant
item # tire size tire width valve length in stock?
  FT-24527 26" 1.9-2.125" Schrader n/a NO
  FT-24850 26" 1.9-2.125" Presta (threaded) 48mm NO
  FT-24800 27.5" (650b) 1.9-2.125" Presta (threaded) 48mm NO
  FT-24895 29" 1.9-2.125" Presta (threaded) 48mm NO
  FT-24720 700c 19-25c Presta (threaded) 48mm YES
  FT-24735 700c 28-35c Presta (threaded) 48mm YES
  FT-2474 700c 38-48c Presta (threaded) 48mm NO
  FT-24547 27" 1-1/4" Schrader n/a NO