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Genetic Cage Style Pedals
Genetic Drift Pedals
  • Stylish, high-traction pedal for the discerning Urban rider
  • Lightweight, double-sided cage pedal for use with everyday shoes
  • Aluminum one-piece body, sealed loose ball mechanism, toe clip compatible
item # spindle size color weight in stock?
  GX-7271 CrMo 9/16" black/silver 270g NO
Gusset Platform Pedals
Gusset S2 Pedals    
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Gusset Merge Pedals    
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Gusset Slim Jim LB Pedals    
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Hope Platform Pedals
Hope F20 Pedals    
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HT Pedals Clip-in Mountain Pedals
HT T1 Clipless Pedals    
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HT T1-SX Clipless Pedals    
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HT X2 Clipless Pedals    
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HT X2-SX Clipless Pedals    
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