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Deity Black Kat Pedals    
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DMR Vault-Mag Pedals (2018)
  • Superlight and tough extruded and CNC machined magnesium body
  • Ultra low profile with concave footbed
  • High load DU bushing and cartridge bearing; fully serviceable
  • Includes tuneable Flip Pins
  • 105x115x17mm
item # spindle size color weight in stock?
  DM-1200 titanium 9/16" black 290g YES
DMR Vault Midi Pedals    
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DMR Vault Pedals    
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DMR V-12 Mag Pedals    
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DMR V-12 Pedals new  
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DMR V-8 V2 Pedals    
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DMR V-8 Classic Pedals    
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