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  • Various Bryton accessories
  • Sensors are magnet-less and compatible with all Rider models
  • Dual sensor measures both speed and cadence
  • Rider bike mount comes with elastic bands and is mountable on either stems or bars
  • Out front mount is ideal for road bikes which places computer unit directly in front of rider while using drop bars mounting to bar
  • Aero mount is specifically designed for the Aero 60 model and provides less air drag and securely locks the computer in place
  • Replacement batteries available see part # LT- 80**
item # description in stock?
  BR-9000 magnet-less dual sensor YES
  BR-9001 heart rate sensor YES
  BR-9002 magnet-less cadence sensor YES
  BR-9003 magnet-less speed sensor YES
  BR-9011 Rider bike mount YES
  BR-9012 Aero mount, Aero 60 model YES