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E*thirteen Chain Guide Replacement Parts
  • Service parts for E-13 chain guides
  • EV-4268 includes dual step roller, bearing, axle and spacer
item # description fits color in stock?
  EV-4019 upper slider LG1+/LS1+/XCX black NO
  EV-4025 lower slider LG1+/LS1+ black YES
  EV-4028 lower slider LG1+ Turbo black NO
  EV-4233 wearplate kit FreeChucker white YES
  EV-4264 wearplate kit DRS, Heim 3RS white YES
  EV-4273 bolt kit SRS+ gold YES
  EV-4270 bolt kit 06-08 STS/SRS, 09 ST/SS n/a YES
  EV-4286 bolt kit LS1+ black YES
  EV-4288 bolt kit LS1+ black YES
  EV-4290 bolt kit FreeChucker black YES
  EV-4266 idler pulley single ring guides black YES
  EV-4276 bearing kit DRS, DSS, DS n/a YES